Hello world!

Today marks the beginning of a journey.

A journey to get my health back.

For years I struggled with fatigue and depression. ┬áIt didn’t consume my every day, but was a little nagging beast that never completely left.

“Chronic Fatigue is something you will need to live with” they said. And though I didn’t want to believe them, in my mind I’d accepted that yes, maybe I would always be tired.

I don’t believe that any longer.

Oh, my circumstances may not have changed. (I am typing with a headache that has persisted for the past 5 days and muscles that ache constantly. Healing seems like it’s stranded on a desert island somewhere.)


I am choosing to believe that God will come through. Not through a miracle product. Not through some weird testing thing. But through prayer and hard work. (And help from my friends at Turnpaugh Health and Wellness)

Today was the day I had my blood work done and now we wait to see what they find. Then, from there, he will help me change my diet if needed and take the supplements to build my body up, which I can hopefully be weaned off of, as I heal.

This blog is a place for me to keep track of progress and remember events/dates. I’m terrible at writing a diary, and my journal isn’t much better. So who knows if I’ll even like this.

I won’t know until I try.

I’m not necessarily blogging for an audience, but am not opposed to people reading and sharing. (Duh Sadie, it’s a public place.)

I don’t pretend to be a great writer and have no desire to write a book, etc.

Just a place to write about my journey to health. And other things that are on my mind.

Ultimately though, I’d love to point people to Jesus. The ONE who heals, redeems, and LOVES like no one else can. If He chooses to heal me, I’ll praise Him. If He chooses not to, I’ll praise Him.

I sense Him calling me to “Rise up and Walk” in faith, even if healing doesn’t look like I think it should.

I hope you’re encouraged and blessed as you read.

Now I need to figure out how to post this and all that other happy stuff. I’m clueless really.

So, here goes nothing.

Love, Sadie

P.S. This is the one and only picture I have for today. (Lame, I know) But for me, it’s one of those pictures that marks a new start. Did I mention that the needle they use to draw blood is massive? OK, that might be stretching it, but seriously. OUCH.

Having my dear friend Kay get her blood work done too, helped. We joked that we’re the blood sisters. We get our blood drawn and mix it to make a covenant. I’m kidding. Promise.