The moment my feet hit the ground this morning, I was exhausted. That feeling stayed with me most of the day. I just wanted to sleep. It’s on days like this, that I want to weep, be negative and take it out on everyone around me. Poor Mark.

I need to make a conscious decision to be positive about life and work. Depression is so close, I feel its breath on my skin. I will not give up. I will not give in. I am a VICTOR, not a VICTIM.

I remember a day, about 15 years ago, when I lay on the floor, crying, because I was so tired. A young barely teenager, I thought I was just lazy and that everyone probably feels like this.

I’m finding out that it’s not true. That there are people who have energy and feel great after a days work. Hello.

Today, I am proclaiming that Jesus is healing me. Even if I don’t feel it. Even if my circumstances shout the opposite.

I feel hope.

He gives me rest. He IS my rest.


xoxo, Sadie

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