Today I watched several videos that talked about the connection between the body, soul, and spirit, and how sin can be directly connected to physical health.

Very fascinating to say the least. I want to learn more.

I always knew that when I am not feeling well, it affects my emotions and walk with God and vice versa. But that’s as far as I went with it. I would like to delve deeper and see if God is trying to put His finger in something. I feel strangely excited about it.

In this process of healing, I don’t want to find a cure-all method, but rather connect with my Jesus and hear what HE has to say about my physical well-being.

I woke from a long nap this afternoon with severe stomach pains. My body still feels so out of whack from this week. One of the hardest parts is all the guessing games. I just don’t know what’s wrong.

One thing I do know.

I have bitterness and resentment that I am wrestling with, and the Lord is clearly asking me to repent. And oh my flesh fights. Somehow in my mind, it’s their fault and they are responsible for how I feel. Such lies. Harboring these feelings is so devastating on one’s health. Not to mention the havoc it creates in my life.

God have mercy. May my life be transformed daily by the renewing of my mind.

He is faithful,


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